Choir Boosters Fundraising Goals for 2017-18

We have a great year planned for the students and many fundraising activities to help us reach our goal of traveling to Seattle in April for the WorldStrides Choir competition and fully funding the program for the year! We have an award-winning program and as such, it requires a steady stream of donations and resources to support the choir program every year so that the students can have the fullest choir experience possible during the academic year!


 Target goal  is $225,000!


Please join us in our efforts to reach our goal by supporting the program through these activities, or simply donating through our convenient PayPal “Donation”  button.

Your support is greatly appreciated!


Fundraising is the lifeblood of the choral program at Concord High School.  The school district provides $450 a year for the maintenance of the program which, when broken down, is approximately $4.50 per student.  The annual operating budget for the program, not including tours or other travel expenditures, is more than 40 times that amount. As a means of offsetting this disparity, the Concord Choir Boosters run fundraising events and grant searches year-round that serve to support daily instruction and the continued development of the program. 

For information on how to get involved, please contact:

Fundraising Coordinator –  Rachele Hakes